Grub Burger Bar gives food tips for Superbowl watch party

Grub Burger Bar gives food tips for Superbowl watch party

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "We're gonna start off with our chorizo queso, you can't really have a Superbowl party in Texas without some sort of chips and queso," Terri Stump, managing partner at Grub Burger Bar in Midland said.

Grub Burger's recipe for queso includes chorizo, ground beef and chipotle peppers.

The queso is topped off with guacamole, black beans and corn salsa.

"An appetizer to start off with, everybody's coming to your house you can have this already sitting out," Stump said. "Queso holds really well if you have a crock pot or a double boiler, it's gonna keep it warm but it's something to make in advance so you are not running around before everybody gets there. You can have this cooked way way in advance."

Most West Texans loves queso and if you aren't sure what to make for another appetizer and you are expecting a big crowd, Stump recommends Texas-sized onion rings.

They're perfect to munch on during pre-game festivities.

"Secondly, over here we have our beer battered onion rings, we do use Shiner Bock because once again we're in Texas and everyone loves Shiner Bock," Stump said. "So we batter them in a Shiner Bock beer batter and then important thing on onion rings is onions do need a little salt so make sure you're seasoning your food, especially your onion rings."

Stump suggests finding a Vidalia onion at any local grocery store because they are larger in size and a little sweeter.

For the main course, a different type of burger may be the way to go for a diverse crowd, which is a Texas Luau burger.

"We make our buns from scratch every hour here, but you can use any bun that you already have," Stump said. "Important part of the bun is that you make sure you toast it, a nice coat of butter on it and toast it until its nice and golden brown, its gonna bring out more flavor of the bun."

To build the burger you need a seasoned patty, grilled pineapples, and top it off with some pulled pork or even brisket.

Then add Dr Pepper barbeque sauce and lastly throw on some grilled jalapenos and teriyaki sauce to bring the Texas and Luau flavors together.

"I've already pre chopped all my vegetables, so that's already done, so basically all I have to do is build a burger and people can build their own burger," Stump said.

A treat for the kiddos in the Superbowl madness are milkshakes.

They are easy and something most kids love and can also be prepped before and kept in a refrigerator.

"The key to it, you don't wanna miss what's going on on the football screen or those great commercials that come on during the Superbowl, so you wanna have in advanced so you, as the hostess, can also enjoy the game," Stump said.

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