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Body cam footage shows arrest of former rookie Midland officer charged with public intoxication

(Source: Denton Police Department) (Source: Denton Police Department)

We're learning more about a rookie Midland officer who resigned after getting arrested for public intoxication. It turns out he had just graduated and hadn't even worked a patrol shift.

Body camera video caught the entire arrest.

Former Midland officer Nathan Garcia was arrested for public intoxication back in September 2016.

The video shows Garcia outside of a bar in Denton, Texas. Officers had gotten complains about a drunk man trying to start fights saying he had a gun.

Denton police said Garcia was in a state where he was a danger to himself and others. He was arrested and taken to jail.

On the Monday after the arrest Midland police were notified of Garcia’s arrest and he was placed on administrative leave.

There weren't any injuries reported. Witness statements were included in the internal investigation documents, when they were asked about a fight all their stories were different.

Garcia was interviewed by his superiors; documents said he gave his side of the story and said he never showed his gun or threatened anyone. it was decided he violated the department’s professional standards of conduct. Garcia resigned.

Midland police said at the time of the investigation it slipped their mind to make the arrest public. Earlier this week they released a statement on their Facebook.

It's important to note Garcia was supposed to patrol Midland streets on his own that same week but never did because of the arrest.

Midland police want the community to know they want to continue to be transparent about their staff and will notify the public of any arrests like they have in the past.

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