Valentine's Day causing rush of flowers

Valentine's Day causing rush of flowers

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - February 14 is the day of romance we've come to call Valentine's.

Each year people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special someone.

"It's kinda starting to register with everybody that this is the month of love," Jenny Cudd, owner of Becky's Flowers said.

Those wanting to order should start now, but Cudd said some ahead of the game started making pre-orders the first week of January.

The most popular order is a dozen of red roses.

"This year we're really trying to encourage people to try something different," Cudd said. "Maybe something with lillys or hydrangeas or orchids and when we do the mixed arrangements I really think those are absolutely stunning."

With the chaos of Valentine's Day, Becky's Flowers is hiring 20 extra workers.

The floral industry is projecting that sales will be up 30 percent this year.

A big part of that, all orders have to be delivered at the beginning of the week since Valentine's falls on a Tuesday.

"It's all about the big show at the office, so all of the schools and offices and hospitals and all of that will be overwhelmed with flowers this year," Cudd said.

You don't just have to stop at buying your significant other flowers.

Becky's Flowers offers balloon bouquets, stuffed animals, candy baskets and even plants.

But the go to for most customers is flowers.

"Last year $1.9 billion was spent on flowers during Valentine's Day," Cudd said. "Flowers are still the number one gift item across the country to celebrate love and everything for this holiday."

She said they always get a last minute rush and the best thing is to order ahead of time.

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