Family and friends are heading to "Big Game" to support local player

Family and friends are heading to "Big Game" to support local player

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Big Game is not just for NFL players but family and friends as well. For EJ Cannon and Cody Gill, they said getting the chance to go to Houston gives them the opportunity to cheer for their brother and best friend, Marcus Cannon the former Odessa High School star turned starting offensive lineman for the New England Patriots.

"It's pretty exciting probably no better experience," said Cannon.

"I'm just pumped about it and excited," said Gill.

EJ and Cody say they got a phone call from Marcus after the AFC Championship game asking if they wanted to go to Houston.

"He said I got you guy taken care of. Do you all want to go to the Super Bowl? It was pretty much not a question he already knows we want to go," said Cannon.

For Gill, his friendship with Marcus has grown from best friends at Odessa High to now being business partners. EJ said his bond with his brothers began at an early age.

"Marcus, EJ, and Lamar they're all blood brothers but I look at  those three guys like my own brother," said Gill.

"We've always really close and always had really strict parents that helped us grow up," said Cannon.

Meeting with Marcus and seeing some of the other players are on the agenda when they get to Houston but both Cannon and Gill added seeing their guy win is most important.

"Definitely hope they are going to win," said Cannon.

"Got to pull for him 100 percent," said Gill.

Gill and Cannon said they will be traveling to Houston Thursday morning.

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