Study shows the Super Bowl can trigger heart attacks

Study shows the Super Bowl can trigger heart attacks

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Staff at Medical Center Hospital CATH lab are looking to stay busy this Super Bowl Sunday.

A study by the American Journal of Cardiology found that the Super Bowl may trigger fatal heart attacks.

"My dad's best friend when I was 16-years-old, was watching a football game, it was back in the 80's and it was Joe Mantana to Dwight Clark in the final moments of the game, the Cowboys lost, my dad's best friend died right there in his chair at home during the game," said Divisional Director of Center for Heart Disease Brenda Myers.

But how could something entertaining on your TV be fatal? Although it may be a victory for the winning team, that's not always the case for the opposing side.

"If you feel really really bad, and you're not sure why, but you feel like something bad is about to happen, that's a symptom we want you to pay attention to. Any kind of high-stress event can increase the pressure in your arteries and predispose you from having a heart attack," said Myers.

So if you start to have chronic sweating or fatigue, dial 911. And if you do feel a heart attack coming, avoid driving to the hospital yourself. Brenda Myers says 60 to 70% of patients drive themselves to the hospital in Ector County.

"Our roads are dangerous enough, without people with heart attacks being driven around on them, and if you're having a heart attack, you don't want to be trying to avoid, that's going to make it worse. You don't want to hit someone on your way in," said Myers.

So while you get ready for Sunday night, always have your game plan ready in case your game sees defeat.

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