What kind of water do you drink?

What kind of water do you drink?

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "Different brands will carry different components to it," Karleigh Jurek, corporate dietitian at Market Street said. "Essentially what the bottled waters are going to have in it are what are called electrolytes so they'll have a little bit of sodium, a little bit of potassium, a little bit of phosphorus."

Those worried about the amount of sodium in the water they drink should know there are about 17 milligrams per liter just in a Dasani bottle, which is very little.

"You would have to have over 300 of these in a day to go over your sodium limit so drinking salt from it isn't what you're really gonna be worrying about its gonna be salt in other forms," Jurek said.

Each brand of water carries different components with different ph levels and electrolyte contents, but Jurek said its all about preference and the flavor you like.

"Essentially what you need to focus on is just drinking more water in whatever variety you like," she said.

Each person is different, but she generally recommends an 8 ounce glass every hour, a gallon a day or a liter every four hours.

"So the important thing when you are drinking more water, a lot of the times people say to stay hydrated just drink when you're thirsty but the problem with that, by the time your body is telling you that you're thirsty you're already dehydrated," Jurek said.

If you stick to her general requirements and stay hydrated you will start seeing results.

"You're actually mentally more alert, you have a better memory," Jurek said. "You have more energy, your skin looks better, you just feel better all the way around."

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