3D mammogram units show accuracy than 2D units

3D mammogram units show accuracy than 2D units

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland Memorial Hospital just opened a new breast center but another new item is their 3D mammography unit.

"I think it's one of the best advances we've had in breast imaging in my career," said Dr. Jess Dalehite with Midland Memorial Hospital. "It's that much better of an image quality."
A study showed that only 54% of women get their mammogram. Because Midland Memorial is one of the few hospitals in the Basin that have bought 3D units, now women don't have to travel far distances.

"We started out with just one unit," said Dalehite. "It was so popular, we weren't even using the 2D unit. So we knew we were going to have two 3D units when we moved over here."

He said the 3D units eliminate the number of patient callbacks due to their screening accuracy.

"There's a lot of things in breasts, they're imposed on top of one another. They're fake outs [with 2D units]. You think there's a mass there, you call the woman back to get more imaging. When you get her back in, you realize it's just an imposition of normal breast tissue. The 3D takes care of that. We can tell what's real and what's not real."

Unlike 2D units, 3D allows you to see tissue in between the breast since the 3D unit is screening one slice at a time.

"The specialist that reads the images is able to scroll through the images and stocked up on the images on top of each other," said Kelly Wright, Director of Radiology at MMH.

The Breast Center is currently open to patients. If you don't live near the area, here are a list of other hospitals that have 3D units:

- Medical Center Hospital in Odessa

- Permian Regional Medical Center in Andrews but it won't be running until March.

- Reeves County Hospital

We contacted hospitals in Martin County, Monahans, McCamey and Pecos County that told us they either didn't have any 3D units or they didn't do mammography. We have yet to hear back from Scenic Mountain Medical in Big Spring.

"With this center, with 3D mammograms, the MRI and ultrasound we have for breast imaging," said Dalehite. "There's really no reason for women to go anywhere else. This is just as good of care than anyone else in the big city."

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