Bad sleep habits detrimental to health

Bad sleep habits detrimental to health

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - "Well it depends on your age, as you get older your need for sleep diminishes," Jerry Emerson, sleep technician at Midland Memorial hospital said.

He suggests a teenager should be getting eight to nine hours of sleep.

Early adulthood seven to eight hours and people around their senior age require less sleep to function.

In order to get a good night's rest, sleep hygiene is extremely important.

"They might go to bed at 10 o clock, but they don't go to sleep until 2," Emerson said. "Because they are up playing with their televisions or iPhones, tablets or laptops, and they don't get enough sleep and on the weekends they crash, so they sleep until 12 or 1' o clock."

Emerson said this occurs more frequently with teenagers, but in order for a person to manage their sleep a sleep rhythm is necessary, seven days a week.

"Life is all about rhythm. Physiology is all about rhythm. Good health is all about rhythm. Your heart maintains a rhythm," Emerson said. "The rhythm of nerve conduction throughout the body is all a part of what makes life work, and when you disrupt that rhythm whether it be with the heart or whether it be with the sleep you disrupt someones health."

If you can't get a good night's sleep and are questioning if you need a sleep study, he said two major factors to consider are sleeping all the time or falling asleep at inappropriate places.

Law enforcement who deal with an alarming amount of stress may even develop a sleep disorder.

"Police officers who have been in a very traumatic event, where there's a shoot out, maybe a police officer was wounded or killed," Emerson said. "And they've lived through that, that becomes a terror to them and that comes alive in their sleep, sometimes they will develop rim behavior disorder."

If you are using any form of sleeping aids for longer than two weeks Emerson suggests getting professional help from a doctor.

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