Better Business Bureau warns Superbowl scams

Better Business Bureau warns Superbowl scams

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - "With online classifieds you don't know who are behind those tickets," Heather Massey, Regional Director for the Better Business Bureau said.

A good way to make sure the person you are buying your tickets from is credible is to go to the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

The association works with local law enforcement to counteract fake tickets.

"Go online and research, what do the actual tickets look like," Massey said. "If you are dealing with the seller, ask for a lot of information. Have them submit photographs. If they are only wanting to communicate via email and they won't give you a telephone number or even a physical location thats a red flag that it could be a scam."

Tickets will be in high demand especially being in Texas this year.

Some may decide to make the trip to Houston and snatch tickets from someone selling them outside the venue.

"Its also not a good idea If you are buying tickets maybe from someone on the street, maybe outside the venue because you don't know where those tickets originated from," Massey said. "Are they authentic or are they counterfeit?"

Some may have posted their tickets on social media in excitement to attend the game, but this can also be a way to scam others.

Someone can copy the bar code and print them out.

If you are being scammed this way, the person attending with the actual tickets may have entered the venue before you and their tickets will be valid and yours will not.

It is important to keep your posts limited until after the big game.

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