Pet parents gearing up for upcoming flea and tick season

Pet parents gearing up for upcoming flea and tick season

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Flea and tick season is right around the corner. Experts said we'll see more of the parasites once temperatures warm up.

Flea and tick season can be painful for your pet.

"You can imagine having fleas crawling all over you and just constantly biting on you," said Jacque Adimare, Shelter Director of Odessa Animal Control.

The warm weather causes an increase of these parasites.

"We're starting to see a little bit more moisture dissipating and things like that, so they are starting to come out a little bit more," said Adimare.

There's ways to prevent your pets from the pain. A topical this treats both fleas and ticks, it's recommended to put it in a spot your pet can't reach.

If you pet is like Adimare's you might need something stronger.

"My dog uses the oral medication," said Adimare. "Just for my sake and my piece of mind I go to my local veterinarian and get the prescription for the pill."

The pill works almost instantly and you'll watch fleas and ticks drop within minutes.

Adimare said the best way to prevent fleas and ticks is year round treatment for your pet.

Animal control said if pets aren't treated on time and correctly for fleas and ticks they can get tick fever or anemia.

Note: All dogs shown in video are available for adoption at Odessa Animal Control.

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