Wild hogs spotted within city limits, hunters warn of dangers

Wild hogs spotted within city limits, hunters warn of dangers

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Have you noticed any extra digging in your yard that doesn't look like the family dog? Those extra holes may be created by none other than feral hogs.

Hunters say they typically like to hangout in shrubby, vegetated areas with nearby water and though they're usually found out in the county, that doesn't rule out the possibility of finding one in the city.

Midlanders have stumbled upon a few hogs inside city limits in recent days. Most recently, there was a sighting Friday at Hogan Park, where the animal was hanging around the golf course.

Dustin Lucas, with Double Down Hog Control, said he knew this was coming.

"A lot of people wouldn't believe it, didn't believe it and don't want to,' said Lucas. "But the fact is, they're here. They adapt to any type of environment and they're just really tough animals."

Lucas said you'll know when you've got a hog problem when you start noticing holes in your yard.

"It's almost like a dog that doesn't stop digging," said Lucas. "It can smell, supposedly, up to five, six feet deep. So they can tear your yard up in one night."

Another hunter, Angel Hernandez, said if you see one it's best to report it to the city, because though they won't likely attack you, there's still a chance.

"That's something you don't want to tangle with," said Hernandez. "You do not want to tangle with a big boar. As you can tell, there's boars already close right over here. Into the golf course, we've got plenty of boars over here. They're dangerous animals, you don't want to tangle with them."

Hernandez also said to keep your trash and dog food out of your yards to help discourage the hogs from clawing into your lawn.

Hernandez recommended to keep an eye on your kids if you're in an area known to have these issues. The city said they do take care of boars. If you see one, call animal services or the police and keep away from them.

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