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Midland police focus on catching drivers speeding dangerously

Midland Police Department's Traffic Unit (Source: KWES) Midland Police Department's Traffic Unit (Source: KWES)

If you drove on Loop 250 on Thursday you might have gotten pulled over or seen Midland police shooting their radar guns.

Midland Police Department's (MPD) traffic unit caught dangerous drivers and explain why it's troublesome.

We all use service roads like the one off Loop 250 almost every single day. The posted speed limit is 45 miles per hours but more than a few drivers who come through tend to go more than just a few miles over the speed limit.

"The number one problem [while driving] is speeding,” said Officer Jesse Robledo with MPD's traffic unit. “Speeding is the number one cause of wrecks."

Speeders are everywhere. Officer Robledo stopped a driver before getting to the spot the traffic unit was working.

"People think ‘Oh it's only 10 miles over,’ but when we go and do calculations on a fatal accident or any kind of accident the few miles over actually plays a huge role in their stopping distance," said Robledo.

The distance it takes to make a sudden stop is why MPD wants to cut back on speeders in order to make roads safer.

The traffic unit met up on the service road of Loop 250. Officers used radars to confirm dangerous speeds. Another officer would direct the speeders and a ticket or warning was issued.

Pretty soon there were more vehicles than officers.

60 tickets and warnings were given to speeders in a little more than an hour, the unit said this was a slow day.

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