New technology helps diabetics avoid finger pricking

New technology helps diabetics avoid finger pricking

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - New technology is helping a Midland High schooler with diabetes live a normal everyday life. The finger pricking that many diabetics despise is avoided with the new gear.

Bailey Goodrum was diagnosed with diabetes at 16-years-old, she plays varsity sports at Midland High School and didn't know she was diabetic until last April.

"It was really tough to hear the news because I never thought in a million years I would have diabetes," said Bailey.

Before Bailey was diagnosed, she had lost 17 lbs. and was drinking two gallons of water a day.

"I was in volleyball and I went to jump on the jump box and I fainted," said Bailey. "I went to the doctor and they thought it was my thyroid and it wasn't. They pricked my finger and my blood sugar was in the 400's."

With the new Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM), Bailey gets to wake up and start her day normally.

Instead of multiple finger pricks to track blood sugar levels, only two are needed per day. Glucose data is sent to a smart phone and is updated for up to 12 hours a day.

A sensor is attached to a transmitter and placed under the skin on the abdomen. The device has to be swapped out every three months at the doctor's office and the sensor is changed weekly at home.

"I can check my blood sugar any time during the day without having to prick my finger," said Bailey.

If Bailey needs a shot of insulin, the device takes care of it for her.

"I would tell it I'm going to eat and what I'm going to eat, I confirm and it gives me insulin [instantly]," said Bailey.

This summer Bailey is spending three weeks at a camp in Gainesville, Texas. She's going to be a counselor for other kids with diabetes and she hopes to teach them what she's learned.

"It's something that can be controlled, so be thankful," said Bailey. "Some days are harder than others and when it is just know that other days will be better than that day."

Bailey checks her levels four times a day and said she will continue to use the CGM as long as she can.

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