Good samaritan looking for the owner of a lost Holy Bible

Good samaritan looking for the owner of a lost Holy Bible

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - A good Samaritan found a Bible and is looking for its rightful owner.

"If this was my Bible and I'm so attached to it and it was given to me at an early age that I've practically wore out, I'd want it back," said Jody, the Andrews woman who found the Bible.

It was found at the Andrews post office on the front desk where it was left for about a week. The only clues had signatures from 2013 by members of a church called FaithBridge in Spring, Texas. The notes inside are addressed to the name, Austin.

"It's tabbed, so it was something they picked up to do referencing with," said Jody. "The fact it could even belong to a vet or it was given to this person by a veteran. Somebody could have been praying for their son or daughter in the military using this Bible."

It is unclear whether the owner of the Bible is a vet since there was no last name included. The Andrews County Veterans Memorial is aware and is helping with the search for further clues.

"If the person walked into the post office with this under their arm to do their business at the desk to buy stamps, this tells me this book went with them everywhere," said Jody. "It could have just as easily left it in the car to do their business at the post office."

We reached out to the FaithBridge church to contact the members that signed the Bible, one of their members told us three of them are still attending, but we have yet to hear back from the actual members, themselves.

"These things matter, the printed word matters."

If you have an idea on who the Bible may belong to, send an e-mail to our station here.

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