Midland City Council approves first steps in extending Wadley Avenue

Midland City Council approves first steps in extending Wadley Avenue

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Tuesday morning, the Midland City Council passed a resolution to begin the first steps in extending Wadley Avenue.

This extension will help tremendously with some of the traffic problems Midlanders see on Loop 250 and other state highways around the city.

"We understand there's a lot of new traffic we're dealing with along Highway 191 and Loop 250," said Jose Ortiz, director of engineering for the City of Midland. "A lot of our growth has taken place west of Loop 250 and basically north and south of Highway 191 so there's a lot of new homes and development in that area that the Wadley extension would help off set of that traffic for Midlanders, another way to get back and forth."

The city has entered into an agreement with the Midland Development Corporation to provide funding for this extension.

Right now, Wadley Avenue ends at the Nueva Vista Golf Course, the city wants to extend that to Highway 158.

The extension will not happen immediately, the city will have to finish the master plans and wait on the funding before it will move in to the construction phase.

They have been working with the state and the county on this project because it does involve some state highways.

The city believes this will benefit our whole region when it is completed.

"This is a regional benefit to get this road all the way through, the partnerships we've had with the county and the state has been a really big benefit to us," Ortiz said.

As this project moves forward, there will be public meetings for people in the community to voice the opinions on what they would like to see with the corridor.

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