Studies show hot peppers could have big health benefits

Studies show hot peppers could have big health benefits

(KWES) - If you're looking for a way to improve your metabolism and maybe live a little longer, listen up. New studies show hot peppers can do just that.

While grocery shopping, it may be easy to get caught up in your favorite fruits and vegetables, but experts say the hot pepper section is the one you don't want to overlook. Vegetables like peppers may help spice up your life.

Hot peppers not only improve your food but chances are they can improve your life too.

"Peppers are being studied and they have cancer benefits, weight loss, they're very high in Vitamin A & C and there was a study recently done in China where if they ate a spicy diet three times a week they seemed to live a little longer," said Mia Gibson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Not all can handle the heat from the peppers, most young children should stay away. Gibson recommends starting with small amounts in your diet, eat yogurt or drink some milk if they're too hot for you at first.

"You can grill them, you can toast them, you can sauté them in all kinds of foods," said Gibson. "Someone that takes a blood thinner they need to be careful because the capsaicin is also a blood thinner so it can get too thin."

Regular bell peppers are also high in Vitamin A & C. The capsaicin, the spicy part of these peppers, is what gives these peppers the extra health benefit.

Studies show spicy dishes have more of a chance of leaving you satisfied and help you eat less.

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