Midland Center will soon be demolished, Midlanders excited

Midland Center will soon be demolished, Midlanders excited

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Midland Center which has sat on West Wall Street for a little over 30 years is getting a makeover.

Although the center is still standing due to demolition work inside the building, the updated blueprints still show what could promote tourism to the Tall City. With a larger space and even more catering, means more people.

"We're going from 12,000 to 20,000 sq. ft. of main space, 29,000 sq. ft. of public meeting space," said Brad Barnett, Executive Vice President of Tourism and Facilities. "Back in July of last year, they (city council) approved $32 million and change for the construction portion of the budget. All that went for bid of subcontractors, that's come back, we presented it to council, it came in for $6,000 under their guaranteed maximum price. We're really excited that those numbers came in under budget."

The project is funded by the hotel occupancy tax, meaning taxpayers won't have to pay for the project, which runs just under $43 million dollars.

Cancun Bar and Grill is right across the convention center and have been in business for almost 11 years. They say the new facility could bring more faces to their door.

"We've been very excited about it," said Cancun Bar and Grill General Manager, Daniel Munoz. "We attract a lot of downtown customers that work here for lunch. Of course dinner, we get pretty busy. We're just waiting for it to start so we can welcome everybody in."

Management says once the new center opens, they can expect more traffic, maybe even new dishes to add to their menu to accommodate not only old customers but new customers coming in.

"I think any other business around here, it's going to bring more business, more people and more clientele, I'm pretty excited about that," said Henry Munoz, a realtor who has lived in Midland for 27 years.

Main Street by the Midland Center is under construction for the new sewer system which the center will be linked with. Demolition is expected by mid to late February. The center is expected to open by 2019.

To keep up with the project, you can check out their website here for up to date renderings and time lines. Once construction begins, a live webcam will be placed on the Doubletree Hotel across the street.

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