Mother remembers lost son as she raises money for his funeral

Mother remembers lost son as she raises money for his funeral

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Lorenzo Gardea, 44, was found in his vehicle in Stanton on Thursday morning and pronounced dead later at the scene.

The Gardea family have known for a few days but that doesn't make the loss of Lorenzo Gardea any easier. 
"When he would come to the house, he would hide so that I couldn't find him and would jump out, and I would go looking for him," his mother, Blanca Gardea, said. "He was great while alive, a great son, always looking to see if I needed anything."

Blanca said she will always miss her son, who loved her so much and cared for everyone he knew so greatly. She added that if he was here, she'd ask him just one question.

"Why did you leave? Why did you leave, my son," asked Blanca. "He had to come and pick up the kids and take them to school and he never came back. They waited for him and he never came back. If I had him here, I would be getting onto him."

For now, Blanca is remembering the good times with her son.

"I would tell him, son, let your hair grow," said Blanca. "He would say no mom, I'm bald on top. I want to be all bald. He played a joke on me. He colored his mustache red and he looked funny. These are the moments that we would laugh and he was happy."

The family is raising money for his funeral costs through this GoFundMe page and are also making tamales and enchiladas. They said you can call Laura Gardea at (432) 210-6076 for more information on how to help.

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