West Texas Hunting Extravaganza

West Texas Hunting Extravaganza

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Safari Club International West Texas chapter hosted their 21st annual West Texas Hunting Extravaganza tonight at the Commemorative Air Force.

The Safari Club's main purpose is to support education, conservation and humanitarian efforts right here in West Texas and across the world.

The extravaganza is the organization's largest event and they are hoping to earn $500,000 at tonight's event.

100 percent of the money earned tonight will go directly to the community.

"All the money raised tonight will go in to three different facets of our organization," said Cal Hendricks, president of the West Texas chapter.

The SCI sponsors various research projects across West Texas and overseas. They have also endowed scholarships at Sul Russ University and Texas Christian University for students studying wildlife management who want to go out in the field and learn.

The chapter is looking to expand the scholarships to various universities in West Texas.

They also support the Chris Kyle foundation and Trinity Oaks, an organization who sponsors veteran hunts.

"Safari Club International and the West Texas chapter is very important in establishing education, conservation and humanitarian efforts across the world," Hendricks said.

The SCI also has a "blue bag special" program where they are asking anyone in attendance tonight to take a blue bag home with them and whenever they go on a hunt, wherever that may be, to take that blue bag with them and fill it up with things not everyone has access to like school supplies, clothes, and even hospital essentials.

"We fill these blue bags full of things and deliver them to orphanages, hospitals, schools and help these local communities to see that hunting really does benefit them and their family."

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