5th Annual Comanche Cross comes to McKinney Park

5th Annual Comanche Cross comes to McKinney Park

ODESSA- Wind did not stop nearly 40 cyclists from taking part in the 5th annual Comanche Cross on Saturday afternoon.

The bike race was held at McKinney park in Odessa for everyone ages 10 and up.

The event started at noon and ended with the male advanced race.

The race was all terrain with riders going through the dirt pavement, sand and mud.

It was also a way for Odessa parks and recreation to introduce the sport to some newcomers.

"It's a great event out here to show everybody that you can do more than just bicycling on the street or bicycling in the park," Odessa Special Events Coordinator Chris Hallmerk said. "You can do all terrain racing which is mud, sand, dirt, pavement. "It's a lot of fun and there's stuff for everybody out here. Any level of competition can do this. We've got a class just for you so if you want to come out next year by all means can do that."

If you want to learn how to bike you can find for more information on those classes at www.odessatxparks.org.

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