Most common passwords of 2016 are a security threat

Most common passwords of 2016 are a security threat

(KWES) - Internet users run a daily risk for their personal information to get stolen. Many of you are making it easy using simple passwords easy to guess.

Everyone uses at least one password every single day, sometimes they can be easy to forget. That's why we tend to use passwords like "123456" other times we'll mix in some letters, like "1qazxsw2."

All of these passwords are some of the first a hacker will guess.

2016 wasn't the best year for password safety, 10 million passwords became public after a data breach.

A recent article by Keeper Security, a password management company, said 17 percent of users are using the password 123456.

Other common passwords are "password" and a gamer reference "mynoob."

"Anything and anyone can get hacked," said John Pitts, Owner of Midessatech. "Length is strength, the longer your password is the better. That means more than special characters and numbers. If you can have a long password tied to a significant event in your life, that's the best."

Examples of those passwords are "In1984Iwore@Cowboyhat!"

Pitts recommends going a step further than using a strong password.

"The best thing you can do is get a good anti-virus and firewall," said Pitts. "Have good habits, stay away from questionable websites and most of all get a good back up. If you do get hacked you can lose your computer to ransom wear, and you can't get it back."

It's recommended to occasionally change your password and use different passwords for different websites.

Our expert says if you have trouble remembering your password, an application like a password manager is a good investment.

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