MISD is a step further in their search for a new superintendent

MISD is a step further in their search for a new superintendent

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - MISD is taking steps further in the search for their next superintendent.

This past weekend, the district worked on board goals and discussed creating a draft. The draft outlines the criteria for the next person who takes the chair as MISD's superintendent.

"We are working on a set of student outcome goals, goal progress measures, establish the parameters by which we want the superintendent to achieve those right now," said MISD Board President Rick Davis. "We did a lot of that work this past weekend, we have more work to do to finalize a draft of that."

This coming Monday, the board will interview four superintendent search firms to see which will receive the board's approval. If one is selected, the search firm will work with the board, in addition to the community's input.

"We're going to hopefully finalize that draft work on Friday and then work on rolling out to the community before we finalize it to see if they want to add something, change something, tweak something before we finalize it," said Davis.

Once the draft is finalized, it'll be given to the superintendent search firms where they can be handed to the candidates, and their interviews will follow after. If the plan falls into place, the superintendent may be chosen by next school year.

"We're not going to limit ourselves to anyone in particular area, region or state. We believe this is going to be a nationwide search, and which we will seek to find the very best person to transform our district."

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