Weekend rainfall brings local tips to follow for your vehicle

Weekend rainfall brings local tips to follow for your vehicle

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - When it rains it pours and the its no exception in this area.

Rachel Briers, NewsWest 9 Chief Meteorologist said, "The soil is so dry because we usually don't receive a whole lot of rainfall so when the soil is dry it actually compacts just a bit and that doesn't allow the water when it does rain to really soak into it so it sits right on top of it creating a pretty messy situation."

Drivers in the area especially have to deal with that messy situation. Red Andress, Service Adviser for the Classic Honda of Midland said after this past weekend's rainfall there were a number of vehicles that needed to be serviced due to flooding issues.

"Most of the time they stalled out on them and they can't start the vehicle obviously because water got inside of the vehicle," said Andress.

Andress added smaller vehicles and ones that are lower to the ground are affected the worse by flooding and drivers can tell when something is wrong.

"It will start bogging down and kind of choking," said Andress.

Andress Briers believe avoiding the flooded area is the best option but if there's no other way, make sure you maintain a steady speed to get out of the water and do not turn your car off and on. If not, then the fix may get a little pricey.

"Three, four, five or six thousand dollars you just never know it," said Andress.

"If you actually look in the water and you don't see where the road is don't drive into it and personally if it's me I'm one of those that just goes ahead and turns around," said Briers.

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