Personnel records show former MPD sergeant was caught intoxicated behind the wheel

Personnel records show former MPD sergeant was caught intoxicated behind the wheel

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Personnel records for a former Midland Police Department (MPD) sergeant are out following his resignation.

The records show Guadalupe Bretado, 34, was caught behind the wheel while intoxicated. Our investigation started after he was recently accused of attacking his girlfriend and interfering with her attempt to call 911.

The personnel records include past disciplinary actions and internal investigations. It turns out the alleged assault wasn't his first time in trouble.

The records said in 2012 Bretado was found by two MPD officers while he was intoxicated in the driver's seat of his personal car. Bretado was not arrested or charged. The report said Bretado was drinking at a bar after 2 a.m at a location about seven miles away.

Although MPD Chief Price Robinson declined an on camera interview, he did answer our questions through email. Robinson said Bretado was not arrested because no one actually saw him driving the car. Bretado was not given a breathalyzer test but Robinson said officers used their experience to determine that Bretado was intoxicated.

The officers did take Bretado home after they found him.

Bretado ended up being suspended for three days without pay. Robinson tells us that he and Bretado's chain of command deemed the suspension appropriate and said three days without pay are serious financial consequences for an officer.

Robinson said if police were to find a community member intoxicated behind the wheel without proof of them actually driving, they would get the same treatment. Robinson said officers use their best judgment in each case and in similar situations, officers usually allow the intoxicated person to make a phone call to someone who can pick them up.

Robinson said officers are human and make mistakes and the department determines appropriate consequences. He adds the department will continue to hold officers to the high standard of professionalism the public expects of them.

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