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Family upset following sentencing of woman responsible for brother’s death

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A Midland woman will be on probation for the next five years.

She was finally sentenced in connection to an accident that happened more than two years ago, the man she hit died months after the accident.

"Holidays are the hardest," said Samuel Delgado's brother, Joshua Delgado.

"You live your life, you work day by day and sometimes you have a thought, you know," said his sister Michelle Recio. "But he'll never be back."

It's been two years since Michelle and Joshua lost their brother Sammy Delgado. 

The woman responsible for his accidental death, Estefana Jordan, was sentenced Thursday in Midland.

"She still gets to walk the streets, due to the jails being full," said Recio.

"State jail being full, they don't have no room," said Delgado. "So because there's no room, somebody that takes a life gets to keep walking, and that's not fair."

Family tells us since Sammy was killed in the crash, three of his grandchildren were born. 

And they said of the things Sammy's own son misses more than anything, are the day to day routines.

"They can't go home and see their dad," said  Delgado. "One thing we stress the most, sticks in our head the most. His son, looks at my mom and says all I want, is I want one thing. My dad to wake up just to yell at me to clean my room. I just want him to wake up to yell at me."

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