Recent grad, lifelong Pecos resident looking for answers on seismic activity in city

Recent grad, lifelong Pecos resident looking for answers on seismic activity in city

PECOS, TX (KWES) - People in Pecos are a little rattled. They've been feeling seismic activity recently and because of that the city council decided to talk about the issue at their meeting Thursday night.

But thy decided to table one resident's idea of doing more research for the time being leaving the city with more questions.

Joel Chavez, a lifelong resident of Pecos said, "It would be detrimental if the quaking got worse and worse."

Chavez, a recent University of Texas at Austin graduate and local science teacher said the seismic activity residents have felt and reacted to is no joke.

"I realized in college what a quiet powerhouse Pecos, Texas is," said Chavez.

Chavez added his plan is to get out and research the seismic activity by surveying the residents who have been affected to get a better idea of any trends that may be happening within the city.

He cited research that was done previously about cities similar to Pecos and says right now there may be a key to the activity being seen.

"As far as where we place disposal wells, Pecos is pretty vulnerable. We're right along a fault line that could be activated with these waste water disposal wells," said Chavez.

The "no action" city council took into his proposal to start his research was a bump in the road but Chavez said he plans on finding the answers to the questions on what is going on.

"I feel like I have vested interest here in Pecos. My family owns their home. My sister owns a house and we have a family business here and I'd hate for our property value to go down because of this seismic activity," said Chavez.

If you like to see Chavez's plan on learning more about the seismic activity click here:

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