Odessa doctor charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty

Odessa doctor charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty
Robert Lynch mugshot (Source: Ector County Sheriff's Office)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Odessa Police has charged a doctor in connection to an animal cruelty investigation.

Robert Kevin Lynch, 54, was charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

According to the Texas Medical Board, Lynch is a licensed general surgeon.

The charges stem from five separate reports within the past three weeks in Odessa.

Lynch was named Chief of Surgery at Odessa Regional Hospital in 2010. Odessa police said he most recently confessed to poisoning three dogs with raw meat mixed with Advil, antifreeze, rat poison and grapes.

"If you look it at it, it doesn't look like an accident that these things came together," said Dr. Andrew Schwarz who treated the three dogs.

Schwarz said the mixture of these items together didn't seem like an accident.

"When I saw it I said someone must've looked [online] or said, 'What can I give a dog that could hurt them?'"

On Monday, detectives executed a search warrant at Lynch's house where they found items including antifreeze/coolant, Critter Ridder, Gopher Bait50 and Advil. Lynch's public address shows he lives behind the home where the complaint was made.

Odessa police say Lynch fed two large dogs, Yuki and Brownie, and one small dog, Zoe, toxic substances.

Yuki had kidney failure, Brownie went into respiratory cardiac arrest, both dogs died. Zoe survived her injuries.

Schwarz said as a pet lover himself, he had a hard time finding answers for this family.

"Helping people like that and watching them go through something like that and the emotion, that's the hard part, that's the part that really sticks with you," said Schwarz. "It was kind of a crappy day."

Odessa police have not released a motive why Lynch poisoned the dogs.

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