West Texas dancers ready to steal show during Dallas Cowboys playoff game

West Texas dancers ready to steal show during Dallas Cowboys playoff game

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - 40 West Texas dancers are getting the chance to perform in front of thousands at the Cowboys, Packers playoff game this Sunday. For the squad heading out to Arlington, preparation is key.

Itzel Mckown, a UTPB dance team member said, "I couldn't believe it's real and I still can't believe it's real. I think I won't believe it until I'm there."

For the dancers from Odessa College to The University of Texas of the Permian Basin and local high schools. The stage will be set.

Paula Soldevila, a UTPB dance team member said, "I've been dancing for two and a half years so I never thought I would end up going to a Cowboys game and dancing."

Jordan Johnson the hometown kid who's career in dance has taken him all over the world is in charge. He's using what he learned now through his own company and co-owning Alpha Dance and Cheer in Midland to prep his crew.

"The work ethic, hunger of West Texas along with the talent and the raw definition of work hard to get what you want I think is so inspiring to see," said Johnson.

Hours of practice have gone into the routines and some who are getting to experience the feeling of performing in front of a large crowd for the first time have others in the group to lean on for advice.

Daniela Flores, a UTPB dance team member said, "The environment is so awesome that once you're there everything just goes by so fast and you just have to appreciate the moment."

The team hopes to get the crowd amped up with their performance. So you can say this might be their Super Bowl, just a few weeks early.

"It's a huge blessing for all of us here even if people aren't going we're still representing all those people back home," said Mckown.

"You just have to stay focused and really execute the dance," said Flores.

"West Texas doesn't really get a lot of attention when it comes to dancing and arts and I'm super happy and super proud we get to go to the football game," said Soldevila.

Johnson said Wednesday night was the team's last practice before they head to Arlington on Thursday.

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