City awaits financial plan for Santa Rita Hotel

City awaits financial plan for Santa Rita Hotel

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The City of Midland is awaiting the financial plans for the Santa Rita Hotel. The deadline is January 31.

"It is pretty exciting," said Mayor Jerry Morales. "We want them to have everything ready when they come see us."

Revitalization efforts in Downtown Midland have brought in many new opportunities to the city.

"Between an eight and 14-story boutique hotel. They are talking about a restaurant, a work out facility, a pool," said Mayor Jerry Morales.

The Santa Rita hotel right now is just a proposal. After this month, if approved, the plan could become a reality.

"They have a January 31 deadline to submit their financials. Then we will take them in-house and do a complete review to insure this is a strong project," said Morales.

Situated where the old county courthouse was and next to the Midland Center, which will soon be renovated, the city hopes this new venture will meet their needs.

"This new facility will hold 1,800 people at one time for one big event. With that many people coming in, there could definitely be a need for another hotel downtown," said Morales.

The city says the overall goal is to revive that special feeling many Midlanders got growing up and visiting downtown.

"Communities, when their downtowns are lively, it's the heart of that community and so we are trying to get that heartbeat real strong," said Morales.

The city says the hotel could bring more parking options and improvements to infrastructure.

If the plans are submitted and approved, the city expects construction to begin this summer and completed by Fall 2019.

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