Midland Classical Boys Basketball sticking together

Midland Classical Boys Basketball sticking together

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Tuesday, NewsWest 9 caught up with the Midland Classical Boys Basketball Team.

Head coach Ron Miller tells us the team is made up mostly of underclassman. The team has a very positive outlook.

Josiah McDougall says  "Right now, I think that we are a good group, moving the ball and shooting the ball well and honestly just chemistry. All the guys here ,its really just like a brother hood, we have that on our warm up jerseys. We just know where our brothers are going to be on the court and we just have fun together. So I think that is an awesome thing to have on the team. "

"I think that these guys are really learning how to trust each other as teammates. Learning that there is not just one guy out there that is a superstar, but its going to take five guys on the floor working together both defensively and offensively.  I think that they have learned to look at each other accurately and access what they need to work on on the basketball court to get better. " Says head coach Ron Miller.

Knights are back in action Friday versus Lubbock Christian.

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