Army special ops training will soon take place in Midland

Army special ops training will soon take place in Midland
Midland, Texas (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - In a few months, the army will conduct a training in Midland, but if that sounds alarming to you, the city says this training is low-key. They include an active duty team of only three people to work on administrative work, have meetings, role-playing in civilian clothing and discuss National Security strategies.

"A lot of times they do exercises in different communities, you see similar things in other communities, might not be the same exercises, but you're looking at the same people, these are active duty personnel," said Sara Bustilloz with the City of Midland. "There's certain things that are confidential due to National Security, it's never been an issue or something the general public has even noticed."

The city said they are not given specific details on where the training is held as that remains classified for National Security reasons.

"We know that during the month, they come into the city of Midland, they could be in the county, they could be regionally around," said Bustilloz. "We're not sure of all the specifics, but they let us know what's happening and this was basically an acknowledgment they're aware."

The training will be about a month long starting March 31 through April 24. If you're concerned of activity, the Midland Police Department is aware of the military presence. But the city assures the public in past events, no calls were made in regards to the army's training.

"We did this one year ago and it was the same time period over a month, we didn't get any calls and they were gone," said Bustilloz.

This exercise is nothing new, the city passed a resolution in Dec. 2015 that supported the training.

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