Midland I.S.D's school board speaks out against accountability ratings

Midland I.S.D's school board speaks out against accountability ratings

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - At Monday night's Board of Trustee's meeting officials with the Midland Independent School District expressed confusion and frustration with the accountability results from the Texas Education Agency. So much so that they decided on a plan of action moving forward.

With a show of hands, the board said no to the first accountability ratings released by the TEA last week. Many of the board members said the ratings were flawed and the TEA used a "one-size fits all method".

James Fuller, District 1 Representative said, "As a result it excludes the possibility of the majority of students making an A or the majority of the campuses making an A or a B."

Elise Kail, Executive Director of Accountability for MISD said, "You've got the top range of campuses and districts were C's and then you're moving down through that just like a bell-curve that people understand."

MISD was graded as a D in student achievement, C in student progress an F in closing performance gaps, and a D in post-secondary readiness. James Fuller, Fuller said the results some of which came from the STARR, tests don't do any favors for anyone, most notably the students.

"It begs the question are the test makers more interested in selling tests than creating an instrument that is fair equitable for all students," said Fuller.

After having a weekend to digest the ratings, the district knows even though they don't like what the TEA had to say they know it's going to take everyone to figure this thing out.

"What's going on with extra-curricular? What's going on with fine arts? What's going on with building relationships with kids? That's more important than anything," said Kail.

The district said they plan on utilizing more programs like Avid and their learning centers more.

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