Big Spring parents send kids outside of school district for "better education"

Big Spring parents send kids outside of school district for "better education"

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - The TEA recently released the grades for local school districts, giving three of the biggest one some disappointing results.

With the fall of some of these districts, some parents may be considering sending their children to a district outside of where they live.

Others are actually doing it.

When the Austin family wakes up in the morning, they don't take their kids to a Big Spring ISD school despite living in Big Spring.

Instead, they make the 30 minute drive all the way out to Forsan Elementary in Forsan.

"I know trying to get from out of town into a different district is more complicated," said Nathan Austin, parent of two. "We lucked out on that to get them in, because all we hear, what we heard about Big Spring, their school and the Odessa schools. We're from there, so we kind of understood it's hard to get into one of the good schools there."

Austin said they have never once thought about bringing their kids to a closer school, but he does wonder how his tax dollars are being used.

"If our tax money is going to it, then what's affecting it, what's making our kids not learn?" asked Austin. "Are the teachers not getting paid enough, do they need better education for the teachers? We're not sure, and yeah, our tax money going to that, it is bothering."

For Austin, the gas doesn't matter, but at the same time, he said he doesn't think finding a good education for your kid should be a problem for any parent.

"No matter what district you're in, or city, that if you're paying for it, any kid should get the best education," said Austin. "You shouldn't have to go and find it. Every parent has to deal with that though. 'Is my kid going to get a good education?'"

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