Opponents of Trans-Pecos pipeline protest at construction site

Opponents of Trans-Pecos pipeline protest at construction site

PRESIDIO COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Opponents of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline shut down construction in Presidio County this morning.

The Society of Native Nations along with the Big Bend Defense Coalition of Alpine came together and protested at the site, even standing on the pipeline and equipment, halting construction.

Protesters say that two people were arrested after locking themselves down to the pipeline.

"All the water protectors, earth protectors have united this morning to lock this pipeline down. We have stopped them. We had two people locked down to the machines. Everybody worked together in unity to make this great action happen. We are now starting to cost them money and that's our point," said Luis Moncivias.

Many of those against the pipeline say that it will damage local drinking water and that it runs through Native American lands.

One of the protesters tells us he has been traveling back and forth camping at the construction sites along with others for several months.

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