Texas child support back pay increases after renewal restriction

Texas child support back pay increases after renewal restriction

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you're behind on your child support payments, you probably weren't able to drive. An enforcement last year blocked parents from renewing their vehicle registration if they were six months behind on their child support payments.

"It's called a hard stop in our system and we can't go any further," said Karen Hood with the Midland County Tax Office. "These people who are six months behind before their registration is due, will receive a notice from the Texas Attorney General's office, and this may hinder the process for them to be able to renew their vehicle registration."

Since December was the month for the start of registration renewals, the state of Texas has seen an increase in parents who paid.

We contacted the Texas Attorney General's office who told us since September 1st, 541 parents paid a combined total of over 160,000 dollars on 635 cases. After the first notices were sent, 95 parents paid a combined total of over $77 thousand dollars in child support payments on 108 cases.

"I had to collect child support a lot of times for parents to pay to foster parents who are to pay to families that had their children," said attorney and former prosecutor Sara Spector who worked for the division that prosecuted CPS cases.

"We were getting a lot of cases more and more of people that were getting into accidents and didn't have insurance because they didn't have a license," said Spector. "if you lose your ability to drive especially in Texas and there's no public transportation, how are you going to get to work to help you get back on your child support. I'm not sure taking their car registration is going to stop them from driving."

If you're behind on payments, you'll receive a notice 90 days prior to the renewal date and a registration hold until a payment plan is arranged. If you're struggling with child support payments, contact the Attorney General's Office at (866) 646-5611.

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