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Officials: Seat with possible human remains recovered in plane crash wreckage

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A seat with possible human remains has been recovered in the search for a missing plane in Lake Erie, officials said during a press conference Friday night.

There were other items near that area, but crews weren't able to recover them Friday. Investigators will go back to recover items.

The medical examiner has been contacted.

The Cessna 525 went missing last Thursday night. It took off from Burke Lakefront airport and lost communication with the tower after about 30 seconds.

Aviation expert talks about the parts found from the missing plane

The cockpit voice recorder, a part of the fuselage, and the tail section of the plane have also been recovered. Tim Sorenson, and investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board highlighted the importance of the underwater locator beacon detector (ULBD) in finding the parts of the plane they have recovered thus far, saying it is usually not the primary way of locating a wreckage.

“Normally the locator beacon receiver is not a primary means of locating the wreckage, normally that is in conjunction with radar track data which was provided,” said Sorenson. 

 Sorenson said that lake surface and underwater conditions have “hampered the search.”  He also praised the efforts of the recovery effort.

“The community can be very proud of the local authorities and everyone that’s come together,” said Sorenson.

Fred Szabo, the interim director of port control, said that the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) was located, and brought to the surface. He said that the CVR was located in a part of the plane’s fuselage, and the tail portion of the plane was located as well. 

Szabo said the CVR was intact, brought to the surface and its contents will be shipped to Washington DC and analyzed by the NTSB.

Officials said the investigation has just begun, and they don’t yet know a timeline for the recovery efforts. 

Crews were able to narrow the search yesterday from a 4 mile by 2 mile area to about the size of a football field.  Three boats and several divers headed out Thursday morning around 7, and were successful in finding those key pieces of debris from the plane. 

The six victims’ families have been debriefed on the developments.

Memorial services set as crews continue recovery effort of missing family members, plane

The plane was piloted by Superior Beverage Group CEO John T. Fleming. Fleming's wife Sue and his two sons, Jack and Andrew, were on the plane. The other people on board were Brian Casey and his daughter, Megan. 

The FAA put a temporary flight restriction in place Friday morning to allow for a safe search. The search has been ongoing for the past week. The city says weather and water conditions Friday allowed divers to enter the water using sonar equipment. 

According to a press release from the city of Cleveland, one vessel, the Salvage Chief, went to specific coordinates and deployed divers Friday morning. The divers planned to utilize the underwater locator beacon detector to move toward a signal coming from the plane's beacon. The closer the divers get to the signal, the stronger it will be.

"This will be a slow and deliberate process that may take several hours to search even a small area," the release states.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources also deployed a vessel with crews from Cleveland Fire. They operated a drop sector sonar scanner to track the divers and get images from the bottom of the lake.

Due to below zero wind chills, shoreline searches will be limited.


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