City of Midland announces plan to revamp 4B tax

City of Midland announces plan to revamp 4B tax


Imagine it. Live it. Pass it on. Three phrases used by Midland Mayor Jerry Morales as he talked about the campaign to re-purpose the city's 4B tax. The tax once used for the Scharbauer Sports Complex, would now be used to help improve parks, roads, and improve quality of life throughout the Tall City.

"This will be one of my biggest visions for my hometown," said Morales.

Three parks in Midland: Hogan, Bill and Reyes-Mashburn would be the keys to making this work. Morales believes improving those by making them "tournament type" parks by upgrading  each one would make Midland more attractable for current residents and others coming from outside of the city.

"What we are hearing over the years is that families are having to leave to go to other communities to play in tournaments. We have wonderful park infrastructures in place, it just needs some revenue to help improve it," said Morales.

Residents would still be paying the same $0.25 per hundred valuation sales tax they are currently paying to the city and Morales is aware of the skeptics. Even those who rejected the last tax proposal in October. He knows the citizens of Midland will hold city council accountable and if passed the city can get to work the very next day.

"This is your community. Your kids, your grandchildren, you're using these parks. Do you want to continue with what we have today or do you want to see that major impact we can make tomorrow?" asked Morales. 

In the revised 4B tax plan, if passed it would have a 15-year shelf-life.

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