Meet the Cosmic Vixens, the City of Andrews' new women's roller derby teams

Meet the Cosmic Vixens, the City of Andrews' new women's roller derby teams

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - Storage building 402 in Andrews might seem a little unassuming but when you open the door you'll find around 20 Andrews women practicing three nights a week on the new roller derby team.

Samantha Valenzuela, the head coach of the team said, "I put out a Facebook question and see if people want to skate and start a team here. I had a really, really good response so it just kind of dominoes affected after that."

Just like that the Cosmic Vixens roller derby team was born. Valenzuela gets her ladies into the storage building every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday since the team started in October.

"I have a great group of girls here and they're all very, very helpful. A lot of them do different things in the community so they are able to help me when there's stuff that we need," said Valenzuela.

The team skates for the Women's Flat Track Derby Association and each participant is required to have their own equipment. Right now the women are training for their first match, Valenzuela said they are close to being ready to compete and whether it's their first time on blades or they are pros, these women come from all skates of life.

Sandie Wilson, a senior member on the team said, "In my spare time I am the Human Resources Director at the hospital here in Andrews so it's fabulous to get to come out here with the gals and maybe rough some stuff up and get some aggression out."

From practicing crossovers to hitting, these women are enjoying their time on the squad.

"I'm 40 years old which at first I thought oh no I'm not going to be able to do this but these girls are fantastic," said Wilson.

The team is expected to start competing by the summer.

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