Restaurant Report: One Midland restaurant under spotlight

Restaurant Report: One Midland restaurant under spotlight

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - It's becoming a trend in our restaurant reports. Odessa restaurants are passing the bar with flying colors, while some Midland stores and restaurants are struggling.

There were no high performers in Midland for the week of December 19th through December 23rd, but there was one low performer.

La Esperanza Meat Market at 808 S. Terrell St. was cited for the following:

- Open employee drinks
- No dates or labeling of meat containers
- No labeling of bean storage containers
- Uncovered boxes of meat in walk-in freezer
- Bone meat on top of shelf
- Knives stored behind wash sink
- Scoop without handle found on its side in ice machine
- No hot water at hand wash sink in front
- Reach in cooler not cold enough
- No thermometer in walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler
- Walk-in freezer needed to be cleaned and sanitized
- No paper towels at kitchen hand sink
- No paper towels in men's restroom
- 2-bin sink found where 3-bin sink needed
- No postings of consumer advisories

This resulted in 24 demerits for the store and 22 demerits in the deli from the health inspector.

Over in Odessa, there were no low performers but plenty of top performers. Here are Odessa's top performers:

- Taco Bell (3807 E. 42nd St.)
- Norma's Cafe (111 E. 5th St.)
- Chickn 4 U (722 N. Lee)
- Pho House (1541 JBS Pkwy. Ste. 2)
- Pretzel Makers (4101 E. 42nd St.)
- Pizza Hut #013238 (4960 E. University Blvd.)

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