Four new fields added to Scharbauer Sports Complex

Four new fields added to Scharbauer Sports Complex

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Thanks to the 4B sales tax the Scharbauer Sports Complex has four new TURF fields. The fields are available for anyone in the community and are needed after the growth Midland has experienced.

The Greater Midland Football League (GMFL) and other organizations have had to turn away players and hope they don't have to anymore.

"Because of the lack of field space," said Tina Jauz, Director of Community Services with the City of Midland. "Our recreational sports association and club teams have wanted to host tournaments but haven't had a location to do that until today."

These fields are not only for the football leagues, you're welcome there with other community members.

"We know the community is growing, we know a lot of these young families are moving in. We want to provide them an opportunity to be outside, enjoy the great west Texas skies on quality fields," said Midland Mayor, Jerry Morales.

Football, soccer and lacrosse can all be played there. The city also expects to see bands marching. Each field has a colored outline, making it easy to find a specific game and comes with their own restroom and concession building.

The city expects these fields will help bring in people from other locations to play.

President of GMFL, Kyle Huckaba, said players with talent will have the resources they need to play professional sports in the future.

"This facility allows us to continue to grow," said Huckaba. "In the past, we had to turn kids away, we just didn't have anywhere to put them. It just allows for a wonderful experience for the youth of Midland. It gives us the type of product that we want to deliver and the type of product the city deserves."

You can rent the fields for a game or tournament by contacting the Midland Parks and Recreation Division at (432) 685-7381.

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