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Firework stand manager offers some last second advice for NYE

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New Years Eve is the same as any other year, with fireworks exploding in the sky throughout the night. 

But it's important to remember how you should be shooting them off and where you're allowed to. 

Plenty of those sounding off are first timers. 

Lexie Latimer, who's managed Truck Load Fireworks for more than 30 years, said they tell those people, and anyone in general, a few set rules to follow. 

"So for first timers we ask that you maybe have a bucket of water, a fire extinguisher, stay away from dry, grassy areas and make sure your fireworks are on  level ground," said Latimer.

Latimer said they also ask you to move any vehicles and of course, look out for any flammable objects such as a propane tank. 

She also said though the small fireworks like sparklers are fun for kids to get closer too, it's not always them that are the safest. 

"So, the bigger the better," said Latimer. "They're going a lot higher, so that the time they come down, the fires are out so they're less likely to catch something on fire."

For those who are having trouble deciding on whether or not to purchase any fireworks this year, Latimer is very encouraging.

"Oh absolutely," said Latimer. "It's a family run business, it's family fun and you've got to take precaution like you would with anything."

Latimer said her stand, as well as many others, will remain open throughout the night for any last second purchases. 

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