Think before you drink, Permian Basin party-goers have ride options on NYE

Think before you drink, Permian Basin party-goers have ride options on NYE

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - After the parties are over on New Year Eve, you'll be asking yourself how am I getting home? From cabs to Uber in Midland and Odessa, there are options for you.

Edwin Thurber, a Dispatch Operator and Driver for Midessa Transportation said, "These drivers are experienced and very careful and they get you where you need to go safely."

Last year during the Texas Department of Public Safety's Holiday Enforcement Period which went from before Christmas through New Year's, they had over 9,000 speeding citations and almost 500 DWI arrests.

Stephanie Henderson-Lowell knows about the New Year's Eve parties from being a bar tender in the past. Now an Uber driver in Midland she can't stress enough about those who need to think before they drink.

"People think that by 2:00 a.m., 2:30 a.m. it's safe and usually our busiest time is between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. That's when people are really leaving house parties and still need a ride," said Henderson-Lowell.

Along with Uber and taxis in the Permian Basin,  AAA is offering to tow your car home from a 10 mile radius for free. All of these options are available because celebrating the first of the year is cool, but not having to deal with the ramifications of a poor decision on the 2nd or after is even better.

"I suggest you take a cab we'll be there for you," said Thurber.

"It may be $7, $10, or $4 dollars, it's so much cheaper and so much safer than getting out there getting behind the wheel, putting yourself and putting other people at risk and it definitely cheaper than a DWI," said Henderson-Lowell.

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