Platos Closet owner responds to clothes in the dumpster picture

Platos Closet owner responds to clothes in the dumpster picture

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Allison Hayes owns and operates the Midland Platos closet store all the way from Amarillo.

She said her stores donate clothes to local charities all the time, dropping them off or having them pick up from the store.

But on Wednesday, with plenty of people off for the holiday, her manager couldn't find a place to put the overflow clothes, so they put them in the trash.

More than 230 Facebook shares later on this picture, and Hayes told us it's time to respond and let the people know exactly what happened.

"It wasn't  the right decision, it wasn't the best thing to do," said Hayes. "Had I known about it, as an owner, I would've said 'Absolutely don't do that, we'll figure something out.' Because I agree with what they're saying on Facebook. People could've used those clothes, they're absolutely right. It was just a 'Oh my gosh, I'm out of room. I've got to do something with this pile that I've got left. You know, I'll start off at the beginning of the year but I've got to do something with what's left at this point."

Hayes said she wants everyone to know this situation will never be repeated and she hopes to continue serving the Midland community.

She also said she has spoken with the manager and they now know this decision is the exact opposite of what they stand for.

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