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Midland man has one more day to use his Christmas lights to reach his food donation goal

Ricky Thames House (Source: KWES) Ricky Thames House (Source: KWES)

Ricky Thames is the man behind the Christmas decorations. For nearly two decades he’s not only provided entertainment for the community but has given back as well. One of the ways is through a food drive. Right now he’s collected nearly 400 pounds of food but his goal is 2,000.

“I think it has to do a lot with the economy this year about how many donations we get, said Thames.”

For the last ten years, Thames has been using his love for Christmas lights to help donate food to organizations in Midland. The last three years have gone to the Jubilee Center. But with one last chance to see the lights happening on Friday, Thames hadn’t reached his goal yet.

“We strive every year to try and get 2,000 pounds of food but this year we’ve only collected 350 pounds,” said Thames.

Thames said he started the idea to use his home as a donation station with the help of his lights when the pantries stopped coming through his neighborhood years ago.

“I spend all year long building stuff and always change it up every year. It’s just something I love doing,” said Thames.

600 hours and around 51,000 lights went into this year’s display. Thames added with all the recognition his lights have gotten him in the past including being featured on national television, he hopes for one last push of food donations.

“If we can get five or six hundred pounds, that would be awesome. Anything we can get,” said Thames.

Thames said he will be putting up another display next year.

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