Midland YMCA preparing for the New Year spike

Midland YMCA preparing for the New Year spike

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - If you're one of the thousands of people who are looking to get back into shape this holiday season, don't forget about your local YMCA because they may have plenty of new ways to keep you to your new years resolution.

With things like virtual reality in spin classes, the Midland YMCA is hoping they'll be able to keep many of the new members who will inevitably join up the next few months.

Health and Wellness Director, Aimee Tittlemier, said it's something that happens each year, and this time, the gym is ensuring to get its employees prepped properly to keep members around.

Among those preparations is making sure no member is going through it alone if they don't want to.

"So they kind of have a hand that holds them through that process of getting started again or getting started for the first time," said Tittlemier. "We've seen it really improves the maintenance portion of their fitness journey because they have someone there with them. It's not something they have to figure out on their own."

The YMCA is also using technology to help find the perfect workout for each members personal goal.

"So we have done a lot of technology upgrades," said Tittlemier. "Including virtual experience in our cycling room, we've implemented a system to track your heart rates so that people can find their optimal workout zone for an efficient workout. We continue to strive to give our members everything we can for the price of their membership."

The Midland YMCA will have no joining fee throughout the month of January.

For information on any local deals at your YMCA, you can visit their respective websites.

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