Aunt helping niece after fire destroys home

Aunt helping niece after fire destroys home

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - It was only a few days before Christmas when Destiny Marmolejo and her family lost all they had.

Their home caught fire in the middle of the night on December 22, destroying everything, from their Christmas presents to the countless memories shared in their home.

When Destiny texted her aunt, Ashley Garza, she didn't see it until Friday morning and says it was extremely shocking.

"I was trying to figure out exactly what happened," said Garza. "What was going on after, if everything was ok, waiting on a response. Wondering if the kids were ok, if they were ok, you know, where they were. Where they were going to stay."

With having four children, Marmolejo was discouraged, and her aunt saw it, so she decided to help, setting up a Go Fund Me account.

"I just think right off the top of my head and as soon as it happened, I was like, 'No, I'm going to set this up and get the word out,'" said Garza. "We got the word out and a lot of people have come together to help them with Christmas gifts, donations with money and things like that. We're very grateful for that."

Garza's niece knows of the account and some of the donations, but what she doesn't know, is how much has really been given.

From toys, to clothes and even suitcases, the giving has come in many ways Garza didn't expect but she did tell us how it made her feel.

"Very humble, very humble," said Garza. "That there are still good some people out there that are willing to help give a lending hand to people they don't even know because you don't see that anymore. It's a great feeling."

Garza was trying to get the gifts to her niece on Christmas but they won't be able to until Monday.

If you want to donate you can follow this link.

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