MCS Mustangs take on Lubbock's Trinity Christian

MCS Mustangs take on Lubbock's Trinity Christian

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - High school basketball action, the only game in town, literally. The Midland Christian Mustangs hosting the Trinity Christian Trojans, from Lubbock.

Let's head out to the McGraw Center. Pick things up in the second half. Trinity off the rebound, working the ball. Aaron Dove to Landry Womack. The ball making its way back to Dove, for the three. 41-15 Trinity.

Right after that, Peyton Powell for Midland Christian, with the turn-around jumper. It falls, 41-17.

Minutes later, Mustangs with the inbound and the shot under the basket, doesn't go in. But, gets the rebound and good for two more. 41-19.

Fast forward, Trinity's Aaron Dove with the bounce pass inside to Jett Buchannan. He goes up and he's stuffed by Midland Christian. Trojans keep the ball.

The Mustangs would mount a bit of a comeback. But the Trojans kept their distance. Final score, Midland Christian 38, Trinity Christian, 68.

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