TxDOT's "impaired dodge ball" game informs public about dangers of drunk driving

TxDOT's "impaired dodge ball" game informs public about dangers of drunk driving

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - With the holidays comes parties and with parties comes drunk drivers. Because of that, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) wanted to make sure everyone understood the risks of driving drunk with a game called impaired dodge ball.

Gene Powell, spokesperson for TxDOT's Odessa District said, "When it comes to drinking and driving that is something that is absolutely preventable and that's the message we are trying to get out."

That message was 20 people last year died from drunk drivers in Midland and Ector County during the holiday season.

"We know that drinking and driving is dangerous we've all heard it before but yet we still tend to push the envelope sometimes," said Powell.

Tim Flathers, Assistant District Attorney for the Midland County DA's office said, "It's dangerous whether you've had one drink too much or you've had ten or twenty drinks too much."

On Tuesday, at the Music City Mall in Odessa, TxDOT had a game for people to play that would simulate how someone would feel behind the wheel after a few drinks.

Your avatar starts off normal but as time passed you are given more drinks that slowed down your reaction time making it harder to dodge the snowballs.

The game recreated the feeling of how someone's reaction time could be affected while on the road.

One player said learned a lot from the game.

Ben Correa played the game and said, "Not only does it affect you, it affects friends, family and those you injure if you get into a wreck. It real important to think about those things during the holidays."

TxDOT said they hope no one is killed from drunk driving this year and the Midland County District Attorney's Office added; it's cheaper to pay for an Uber than it is to pay for a D.W.I.

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