Midland Housing Authority will soon address bed bug issues

Midland Housing Authority will soon address bed bug issues

If your family is visiting for the holidays, you might want to tell them to watch out and look at headboards and in-between mattresses.

The Midland County Health Department said they don't keep record on the number of reported cases of bed bugs since those cases are typically between the landlord and the tenant.

However, the Midland Housing Authority is taking a step to potentially stop the spread. A proposed ordinance is in the early stages to prevent the spreading of bed bugs in Midland. The housing authority is partnering with local organizations and city officials to soon address the issue.

"It's going to hold everyone responsible," said Teressa Davis with the Midland Housing Authority. "The residents, the landlord, the secondhand stores, the motels, hotels, that's something we need to put in place in the Permian Basin area."

One of the tips the Midland Housing Authority suggests is to always report sightings of bed bugs to your property management. Make reports of any bites and always have a professional come out rather than you trying to treat it yourself. The earlier, the better.

"Early bed bug detection is everything," said Davis. "Treat that one bed bug because that one bed bug can turn into an issue."

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