Grand jury for Verk case wraps up, parents hopeful for answers

Grand jury for Verk case wraps up, parents hopeful for answers

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - Tense moments Monday in Alpine, the grand jury for missing Sul Ross State University student, Zuzu Verk, met for the second time.

Zuzu's family gathered at the courthouse and hoped for answers from the sole suspect in the case, Zuzu's boyfriend, Robert Fabian but got nothing.

"No comment," said Fabian's attorney, Liz Rogers, as we asked what happened to Zuzu. "He Has no comment."

Zuzu's on again, off again boyfriend remains the sole suspect in her disappearance.

He kept to himself, didn't say a word to the cameras and avoided eye contact with a family he once sat down with to eat dinner.

"It's the first time I've seen him at all," said Lori Verk, Zuzu's mother. "As much as I wanted him to look at me and make eye contact, he wouldn't. He avoided us."

"He wouldn't acknowledge us at all, just stared straight ahead," said Glenn Verk, Zuzu's father.

Fabian's friend, Chris Estrada, is a person of interest in the case. Estrada also faced a grand jury, he said he only met Zuzu once but describes a relationship on the rocks.

"September, October when I started hanging out in Alpine more, me and other friends were more on board of them splitting up," said Estrada. "You know at some point you gotta call it quits, but she would go back, he would go back. It was just back and forth."

Estrada believes in Fabian's innocence but Zuzu's parents aren't so convinced.

"No, no. The police have assured us that he knows a lot and may be responsible for a lot," said Glenn Verk.

The Verk family expected to be away from Zuzu when she moved for college, but not under these circumstances.

"At this point, I don't care why or what or how, I just want to know where she is," said Lori Verk. "I have to hang on to that thread of hope that she is still alive out there and someone has to know where she is."

Brewster county officials tell us the grand jury is done meeting for the month of December. There is a possibility the jury will reconvene again next month. No new paperwork has been filed in the case since the jury wrapped up Monday.

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